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Management System

KMS is a production management system that boosts the facility’s existing resource capacity with production line efficiency. It helps develop an effective and seamless planning and production process across departments, and overall business operations control. Additionally, it generates reports that can be used as references by stakeholders.


The ultimate aim of this production management system is to optimize the production line’s efficiency with current resource capacity.

The application of production management is to find the perfect balance:

CFS and ICD Truck Management System

Cargo Management System enhances ETC Cargo’s operations by boosting their staff to work more and in a much more efficient way. It is build on state-of-the-art technology and is critical in streamlining and effectively managing orders, tracking and final delivery.

  • The content in the cargo

  • The list of cargos sent and received

  • Record storage with unique identification

  • The determination of the machinery used

  • Computerized and analysis report of Cargo & Truck before and after weighing

  • Generation of the unique ID for each cargo

  • Computerized analysis report before and after loading or unloading

  • Proof of delivery or dispatch modules

  • Step-by-step process visualization for each cargo & truck

  • Record of the quotations sent and received

  • Shipment tracking

  • Barcode reader and Employee database

Other Applications

AA_client logo atACC

atACC provides an interface that allows you to add transactions such as Sales invoices, Sales Orders, and Cash receipts along with Ledger Report, Sales and receipt combined report, Sales Register and Stock List. The application is capable of working in online and offline modes ensuring better customer service with the latest technology that’s intuitive and sophisticated.

retail solotion
Important modules in atACC software:

Do more with your data, achieve more with your resources and set benchmarks in the industry. Edisapp enables you to record and process all your school’s vital information about students, staff, fees, exams, library, transportation and all that matters with an advanced interface fully secured with high-end encryption.

TallyPrime is a comprehensive business management software that helps create, manage, and save invoices, manage accounts, inventory, finances, tax, payroll, and more using a single software. Yes, you read it right. Using TallyPrime, you can manage multiple business functions in an integrated manner, helping you get rid of complexities and, in turn, focus on business growth. Being an intuitive software, TallyPrime automates all critical business processes and helps to get things done quickly, enhance business efficiency and provide better control over your business.

iVend Retail is a cloud-based, omnichannel retail management solution that helps retail shops and e-commerce stores. It has point-of-sale (POS) features, inventory and store management features, an integrated customer loyalty portal, digital commerce, retail analytics and digital passes to guarantee a smooth customer experience. Other features include integrated merchandise management with reporting and supply-demand planning and more.

Raptech is a SaaS-based solution of one-stop business management and analytics platform for managing end-to-end business operations. Their solutions help get more customers, manage sales and lead campaigns with the help of effective processes and tools. It also streamlines billing and financial transaction processes and helps make business-critical decisions on expenditures.

Get flexible, scalable, adaptable enterprise-grade Time-Attendance Solution to calculate attendance, leaves, Late-In, Early-Out, Over time, Compensatory Off (COFF), and other attendance policies. It automates all time-attendance processes right from recording entries and exits up to processing salaries.

astTECS offers a comprehensive suite of Enterprise Telecom Products with state-of-the-art attributes at a much more affordable price. Their portfolio and service approach focuses on delivering all aspects of customer needs, ensuring quality enterprise communication solutions, and providing seamless connectivity, security, and automation.

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